John, James, Andrew and Suzy are all now married...


With that all my kids except Jennifer are taken... As the old adage goes, a picture speaks thousand words.


The latest picture of John and Jean's grandson, John and Chako's baby boy, Jediah Tsubasa LaDue, born November 12th, 2012. Picture of the old man in his ice hockey garb.



Pic1: This picture is in Lindau city right on lake Bodensee in Germany!! Amazing cities and places!! Pic2:Who says you can't play golf in minnesota in winter... Pic 3: Who says you can't play golf in minnesota in winter. Pic 4: I had a few hour layover in newark airport and went to the world trade center. Construction is still happening!! Pic 5: Mercedes Benz Museum first car. Pic 6: The guard gate at Dacau prison camp. Pic 7: Here is the inscription on the wall as you walk into the prison camp!! Pic 8: The castle entrance. Pic 9: Taking over the castle

My Grandchildren


This page is devoted to all my wonderful grandchildren. I would like to specially dedicate this page to Isaac for his service for the country.

Alex of the blue eyes

Lance with his dad Robert


Miku & Shoki