Our Ministry

We were privileged to attend our Adachi pastors' group (Adachi is one of 23 wards in Tokyo) Resurrection celebration. It was our 11th year of observing the anniversary wonderful event. This picture is with some old friends from 30 years ago in Yoyogi, Tokyo. It was so good to see them and so many other friends, pastors and co-workers.

Internationally, I am working with sports ministries, as I said, and this year that ministry brought me from Chiang Mai, Thailand to London for the Olympics. Most of what I am doing now is communicating with the many sports ministries around the world, encouraging and seeking the Lord as to how we can put together seminars, courses and degrees, to better equip people for the ministries they are working in. Additionally I am working with many other sports organizations with various sports related ministries, Olympics, World Cup, and other outreaches, training of coaches, players and fans.


This is enough for now, but please if you have any questions, ideas, or if you want to stand with us in prayer and financially, contact us!!

Locally we are working in our grade school with an afternoon program, teaching English to all ages from 3 to 73, and just living in our community daily. One more thing that we have done is host various teams from churches, YWAM and other groups, and one of those teams had a young man with a great passion for Japan, Matthew Hoffman. He is working in most of the things we are doing and is a great asset to YWAM NET (Northeast Tokyo). Also a few years ago I was making trips to Mongolia to teach in various YWAM schools where I ran into a wonderful young lady, Sarah, who was serving as my translator. Again, long story short, she and her family are now working with us here in Japan, doing concerts locally and throughout Japan, leading worship, doing homepages, working with many local Mongolians. They also are involved in the community, their children attending the local schools.

Just some pics from Halloween 2012

John's Travel to Nikko