John is currently doing his masters through U of Nations! They had 4 modules one in Baja, Mexico where they built houses for poor families! Of course along with studying!

Baptism of a Mongolian girl named Ariunzaya

Bruce and Barbara Thompson in Japan

Dr. Bruce and Barbara Thompson were with us for one week and conducted seminars in Tokyo and the surrounding area, introducing their newly translated book in Japanese, Walls of My Heart. Many Japanese were deeply touched by their teaching and we hope to have them back in the near future.


By Bruce Thompson


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Powerful keys to breaking out of our man-made prison and becoming truly free.


"Dr. Thompson takes his readers on a journey into wholeness."

- Dr. William Backus, Christian Psychologist, pastor and author


"Dr. Bruce, as we affectionately call him, has ministered to people on every continent, and through this book, he will minister to you."

- Loren Cunningham, Founder, Youth With A Mission International


"In Walls of My Heart, Dr. Thompson dissects the deepest problems of human personality as a merciful prelude to healing and restoration."

- Derek Prince, International Bible teacher, Jerusalem, Israel


"All of God's people, but especially counselors and Christian leaders, should be encouraged to read this book."

- Dr. Archibald D. Hart, FPPR, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA


Dr. Thompson is a New Zealand-born physician who has developed the College of Counseling and Health Care in Youth With A Mission's University of the nations. His service in West Africa with the Worldwide Evangelism Crusade as a medical missionary planted seeds that eventually blossomed into the YWAM counseling clinics and ministry spanning the globe. His wife, Barbara, has worked at his side as a nurse, counselor, and co-author. They make their home in New Zealand.

Joe & Sarah

The following pictures were taken during a volunteer mission to Iwaki City of Fukushima Prefecture undertaken by our missionary couple from Mongolia. They visited 3 elderly homes within two days and held "HOPE" concerts at each of them which housed nearly 50-60 people. They sang songs from the time when these elderly people were young. Also a young girl we call "JUP" from Thailand accompanied them on this trip. She graced the stage with her Thai dances which meant open your heart and let the King come in.


"Their faces changed from sad and lonely to smiles and tears almost immediately as they sang right along" said Joe & Sarah.We would like to ask you to pray for them to be able to travel more and if the Lord speaks to you to support them financially, please do that as well. They are now planning and praying for a chance to go to Sendai and Iwate both of which were devastated by the tsunami from last year.

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