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Welcome to our family and our homepage!! These days it seems as though you need to have a homepage, Facebook, Twitter, and on and on, so finally we are trying to update ourselves and join the 21st Century!! Please take a look at what we have and hopefully you will be blessed and encouraged by what God has done and is doing!!


We are delighted that you have found and are taking time from your life to get introduced to our ministry here in Japan. Included is information on our family and ministry, as well as a page for our faithful supporters and partners who have been with us throughout the years. May God bless you all richly.


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Grab a cup of coffee or something stronger and take a look at the history of the LaDues!!


John with Robert and Lance

So much has happened over the first part of 2013, it is really tough to share it all, but I will try to share a little. We started off with Susanna's and Dominik's (Dom) wedding in Stuttgart, Germany. It was our sixth wedding in five and one half years, wow!! We were so blessed by Dom's parents and family during our stay in Germany. And, yes you can click on the pictures to see bigger ones.

James Troy and Grandpa

Believe it or not, this is Mie's, our foster daughter's daughter's (Miku's), daughter, Kokoa!! So that makes Jean and me great grandpa and grandma! Wow, deal with that!! This is mago (grandchild in Japanese) month for grandpa John!! Love to all.

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